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How I Took Over 2 Subdomains with Azure CDN Profiles


Recently I have ramped up my Bug Bounty hunting and overall hours spent attacking programs and hunting vulns with quite a bit of success. I decided to start enumerating a program which offered a wildcard scope but sadly I cannot disclose hence the redactions :)

While I was carrying out my usual Recon and Subdomain Enumeration I came across numerous subdomains that had CNAMES resolving to vacant Azure CDN Profiles domains which I was able to register and point towards my own web server, theoretically taking over the subdomain and obtaining the ability to serve content utilizing one of the in-scope domains.

Basic Enumeration

For basic enumeration I just followed my usually enumeration process which can be found in detail Here

After a couple hours I finally had a list of around 600 subdomains which I was able to enumerate in greater detail with tools such as massdns and subjack - Very shortly I discovered multiple domains that had CNAMES resolving to azure domains that responded with NXDOMAIN

Exploiting / PoC

The final list of potentially vulnerable services contained domains similar to the below.


After an hour or two of going through each domain and trying to register it in various resources such as TrafficManager profiles, CloudApps etc I came to a dead end and started to look at azureedge.net domains which I hadn’t seen until now. At first I did not think it was possible to register these domains or gain access easily I finally came across CDN Profiles in the azure portal after registering for a free account.

Initially I had absolutely no idea how to register a CDN Profile & was also very scared of getting billed a crazy amount but I just went with it and registered both vacant CNAMES with the help of the article below.


I do not want to plagurize Andy’s article as he did a great job of explaining but the general PoC layout was as follows

  • Enumerate Domain with CNAME Pointing to xxxx.azureedge.net
  • Create Free / Pay-As-You-Go Account on portal.azure.com
  • Create New CDN Profile
  • Configure CDN Endpoint with Previously Enumerated azureedge.net Domain * If it shows as green when you enter it means it’s vulnerable to takeover :)
  • Configure New CDN Profile to Route to Location of your choice, in my case I pointed it to my own web server with a simple PoC Page.
  • Access original domain with in-scope domain - Domain should resolve to the CNAME before finally routing to your web server :)

Also a small note once I configured the CDN Profile, I spent over an hour troubleshooting why the domain was resolving to the ‘right place’ but not showing my content aka webserver page, in the end it came down to 2 reasons

  • No Custom Domain Set * This is set within the CDN Profile and should specify the original domain which you have taken over aka the vulnerable domain
  • CDN Required Purged * This was probably pretty obvious but caught me out, it seems that the CDN is caching pretty excessively and requires purged everytime you make a change to the web server content etc, in my case it was when I uploaded a simple HTML PoC. I would imagine there is some timer within Azure that controls purging automatically but it’s easier to just do it manually with the Purge option within CDN Profiles

## Timeline

Sat 14th Dec 2019 - Reported to Platform

Tues 17th Dec 2019 - Accepted/Triaged

Thur 19th Dec 2019 - Bounty Awarded $$$